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Asia Pacific Most Promising Entrepreneurship Awards 2011

Lim Teik Han founded Softegic Systems Management Sdn Bhd in 1999, after being employed for eight years in Malaysia and Singapore, with a simple passion in delivering a well aligned business; IT Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions for manufacturing companies. Growing from a one-man company, Softegic is now occupying a corporate office at a prominent landmark office tower in Penang, servicing a myriad of large MNCs and SMIs in Malaysia and China; Lim continues playing a thought leader role in the architecture and application of ERP/
SCM in the industry.

Upon obtaining his first degree in MIS from Southern Illinois University, U.S., he started his career in Penang and subsequently moved to Singapore. As a firm believer in knowledge enhancement as a foundation to provide superior services, he continued pursuing higher level knowledge in Information Systems and Law from Australia and U.K. and actively involved in several international knowledge enrichment bodies and

Curious on the choice to hold Chief Solutions Architect as a designation as opposed to the conventional CEO, Lim explains, “I await a better person as CEO to spearhead Softegic to the next level; I understand my strengths and weaknesses, as a founder, I am now merely acting on this role.” Despite being born with vocal impairment, Lim has demonstrated an outstanding achievement in the ever-rising competitive industry.

While many see software as a mere matter of programming, Lim sees it as three stages in an echelon, and this is Softegic’s edge over other players. The first stage is indifferent, the second stage is the capability to agilely translate business process into automated software models, whilst the third stage is the capability to apply optimization techniques and embeds them into software models, hence gaining new insights into resource constraints and attaining best business decisions.

Lim founded Lincoln ICT Disputes Management Sdn Bhd in 2010 to strengthen the industrial software value chain proposition as a mean to promote the use of arbitration and mediation as the preferred mode in software dispute resolutions instead of litigation, and to encourage the use of expert witness in software-related litigation and arbitral proceedings; the first-of-its-kind services in the region of Asia Pacific.

It is Lim’s visions for Softegic to grow into a group of companies in Asia Pacific marketplace encompassing four strategic business units, namely, software development, international software package-based implementation, performance improvement consulting, and software dispute resolution. Equipped with passion and expert knowledge of the industry, Lim knows that his dreams are possible.